Melon Headband soll bald ausgeliefert werden

Wie es scheint, geht es endlich weiter beim Melon.

Im Backer-Newsletter wurde ein neuer Schedule veröffentlicht:

What’s the schedule?

Based on the testing we have left to finish while in Hong Kong, no units will be shipped in the next couple of days (May), but, based on how well the overall testing is going and from speaking with the our manufacturing experts, we are certain we will be shipping in June.

Details on the next few weeks:

Next Week: Arye and Laura in China finalizing testing and working with the Hong Kong team to finish preparing for mass production at warp speed

Two weeks (wk of June 9th): Arye and Laura return to California to prepare the team for shipment and the ramping of mass production

Three weeks (wk of June 16th): Melon team travels to China to begin mass production and begin shipments to US Kickstarter backers

Remaining weeks in June: Continued shipment to all Kickstarter backers

July: All headbands will be received, and the fun begins!

Außerdem kann das Melon angeblich mehr, als man beim Projektstart erwartet hat. Es liest sich so, dass sich das Warten gelohnt haben wird.

Stick with us, we have really exciting news about the product!

Since our Kickstarter campaign closed last year, we discovered a number of ways to improve the Melon headband. Because our industrial design (the design of the exterior portion of the headband) presented numerous manufacturing complications and delays, we made the most of this extra time to push forward innovation of the insides (electronics) of the final product. And, the result is a first version of Melon, with our envisioned design executed upon and launching with an electronics upgrade that we initially planned for a version 2.0. So now, we are excited to share with you some of the updates we made to the internal workings of the headband.

Details you need to know about improvements to the Melon headband 🙂 

-One-size-fits-all adjustable sizing units (you’re all probably sick of hearing about these already…).

-Two channels of data. Our original model had only one channel of data, taken from the left prefrontal cortex. Now we take two channels of data, one from the left and one from the right prefrontal cortex, so data stream from each brain hemisphere!

-Active electrodes. Basically, we updated the ‘backsides’ of our electrodes to amplify the signal before it gets wired back to our electronics. This helps us guarantee the strongest and cleanest possible EEG signal capturing.

-Gold plated electrodes. Previously we were using stainless steel, but we have since upgraded to gold, which is the most bio-compatible metal.

-New signal processing circuitry. We greatly reduced the size of our signal processing electronics, while also greatly increasing their power to support multiple channels, lowering battery usage, and improving speed. Totally a win-win.

-250Hz data sampling rate and enhanced Bluetooth speed. Faster data streaming is all the better to build mental state algorithms with. And, our raw data is completely available to developers and researchers, with data packets containing three samples sent out every 12ms over Bluetooth.

-6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. After reaching our stretch goal, we promised a 3-axis accelerometer. We’re doubling the fun by adding a gyroscope, so data for both head movements and head tilt/direction will stream out with the EEG data.

Besonders die hohe Sampling-Rate und dass man Daten von beiden Hemisphären bekommt, ausgerechnet von beiden pfc ist natürlich für Schlafhacker sehr interessant!


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